Town of Cooks Valley Mining Applications.

PurFrac LLC Mine Permit Application no Date on Permit 2017 ( Dave Rosenbrook, William J Schindler III, Kevin J Zwiefelhofer, Thomas J & Karen Schindelr, Loran B Zwiefelhofer, Louis W Jr & Jane M Sonnentag, Sonnentag LA Property, Donald G & Judy M Sarauer LA Property, LA Property Acquisition,)

Chippewa Sand Company LLC Final Permit October 16th 2013 (Jeff Buchner,Robinson Panosian Mines)

Mine Application Chippewa Sand Draft September 23, 2013 (Proposed Draft Jeff Buchner,Robinson Panosian Mines Redo)

EOG Nonmetallic Mining Amendment June 19, 2017 (Dennis Schindler)

EOG Nonmetallic Mining Final Permit April 22, 2013 ( Dennis Schindler )

Preferred Sands Nonmetallic Mining Final Permit October 8, 2012 (Lagesse, Prill, Springer Mine)

EOG Nonmetallic Mining Permit 4-8-13 JRB Proposed Draft.pdf (Proposed Draft 4-8-2013 Replaces Draft 2-20-2013 for EOG)

EOG Nonmetallic Mining Permit 2-20-2013 JRB Proposed Draft.pdf ( Proposed Draft 2-20-2013 for EOG)

Preferred Sands Loads Report 2012Q4

Ted Swinney Trustee.pdf ( Mine Application for Ted Swinney, Trustee September 28-2012 11 pages submited to the Board October 8 2012)

Preferred Draft Permit - For Town Board Consideration.pdf (19 Page Draft Permit for Town Board Consideration in October 2012--)

Mine Application Preferred Sands,Lagesse,Prill,Springer Draft2.pdf (12 Page Application draft 2 July 17, 2012

COMPARE Town draft to PSM revised draft - Preferred Sands Mining Permit - Cooks Valley.pdf (15 Page Draft Permit July 3 2012)

Mine Application EOG Dennis Schindler Mine.pdf (This is a 24 page application, submited March 14, 2012 7.2 meg PDF file.

Mine Application Preferred Sands,Lagesse,Prill,Springer.pdf (Feb 24th, 2012 This is a 10 meg PDF file 93 Pages Draft only)