Cooks Valley Mine Reports


Christien Huppert’s report's on the Sand Mines Regular Town Board Meeting March 11, 2019

Hauling Report Michele Karlstad, Chippewa Sands, reported 118,812.54 tons were hauled out of the Chippewa Sands [Buchner mine] in 2016.

Hauling Report Jeff Burton, EHS Specialist-Preferred Sands, reported 20,024.88 tons of sand were shipped from the Preferred Sands Bloomer Site [LaGesse Mine] in 2016.

Hauling Report-February 21, 2017 David Bokor of the EOG [Dennis Schindler mine] reported zero [0] tons of sand were hauled to the DS mine in 2016 and zero [0] tons of waste sand were hauled to the DS mine in 2016.

Air Quality Report for July - September 2016 (And 2 Year Study by Crispin H. Pierce, Ph.D., Professor)

Air Quality Report for November 2015 - June 2016

Air Quality Report for 2015 DS Mine

Air Quality Report September - November 2015

Air Quality Report March - May 2015

Air Quality Report January - February 2015

Hauling Report DS Mines 2014

Hauling Report Preferred Sands mines 2014

Air Quality Report October - November 2014

LaGesse Mine Draft Groundwater Quality Monitoring Plan this link is a 4.26 Meg PDF File.