Township of Cooks Valley
Open Records Request Policy

The Township of Cooks Valley recognizes that individuals may request certain records that are subject to the Open Records Law. Being as it may, the Township of Cooks Valley, Chippewa County, Wisconsin here does adopt this Open Records Policy based on Wis. Stat. 19.31 (1):
1. Township of Cooks Valley records are maintained by the Town Clerk. The clerk is the legal guardian of all township records. All requests for such records must be filed with the Clerk.
2. Township of Cooks Valley records are located at 15784 40th Street, Bloomer, WI 54724 and also at the clerk’s residence.
3. Appointments to view or obtain records can be made with the Clerk. The Clerk requests a 48 hour notice of request. Every effort will be made by the Clerk to find an appointment time that fits the need of the requester.
4. The Clerk requires that if all possible, a written Public Record Request form be filed out prior to the appointment or during the appointment. While not required, it will help both the clerk and the requester assess any fees that may apply and in some cases save search time for both parties.
 5.  Fees:
            A) Under Wisconsin law [Wis. Stats. § 19.35(3)(a-f)], the Township may impose a fee upon the requester of a copy of a record.  However, the fee may not exceed the actual, necessary, and direct cost of complying with a public records request, including locating, reproducing, duplicating, transcribing, photographing, mailing, and/or shipping a copy of a record to the requester. Upon request, an estimate will be provided prior to fulfilling a public records request.
            B) As of September, 2008 the per side page rate for 8 1/2” x 11” photocopies is $.25.
            C)  In some cases, such as tapes, maps, books or any other material not simply photocopied, the fees will be dealt with on an individual basis.  These fees associated for complying with an open records request will be predetermined prior to reproducing, duplicating, transcribing, photographing, etc.
            D) The Township may require prepayment of a fee, but only if the total amount exceeds $5.00.  Wis. Stats. § 19.35(3)(c,f). 
            E) The Township may reduce or waive the fee for fulfilling a public records request, when the town board determines doing so best serves the public interest. Wis. Stats. § 19.35(3)(e). 
 6. Those requesting records are subject to Wis. State Stat. 19.32. The purpose of the request does not need to be established pursuant to Wis. State Stat. 19.35
7. The request must be reasonably specific as to the subject matter and length of time involved. Wis. State Stat. 19.35 (1)
8. Continuing requests are not available. Each request must be filed separately.
9. The Clerk must respond to the request in a reasonable about of time pursuant to Wis. State Stat. 19.35. Reasonable depends on the type of information requested, but the Department of Justice for the State of Wisconsin generally considers 10 days a good response time.
10. Requests for public record will be given a high priority by the Township of Cooks Valley.

Adopted:  March 9, 2009

Open Records Request Form (Click Here) to open and Print (Adobe Reader Required)