Town of Cooks Valley
January 8, 2014
The public hearing was held prior to the plan commission meeting.

Chairman Doug Zwiefelhofer called the Plan Commission meeting to order at 8:25 pm on Wednesday January 8, 2014 at the Cooks Valley Town Hall [15784 40th Street].   Plan Commission members in attendance:  Doug Zwiefelhofer, Stanley Sarauer, Calvin Swartz, and Damian Prince.

Public Comment:  There was no public comment.

Approval of the plan commission meeting minutes of November 6, 2013: Stanley Sarauer made a motion to approve the November 6, 2013 minutes.  Damian Prince seconded the motion.  The motion carried 4-0.   

Discussion and possible approval of Matt Rubenzer’s request for a variance of building setback limits:  Matt Rubenzer presented his case for a variance to build an outbuilding 22 feet from property line.  There are blue berry bushes on the hill to the south and the building is a direct straight route into the shed from the current driveway.  The 30 foot setback would require a diversion ditch for water drainage off the hill side.   Stanley Sarauer made a motion to recommend to the Town of Cooks Valley town board to grant a variance to Matt Rubenzer to build an outbuilding 22 feet from the north property owner [Dalyn Zwiefelhofer’s] property line.  Damian Prince seconded the motion.  Chairman Doug Zwiefelhofer, as an adjoining property owner,  recused himself from the vote.  The motion carried 3-0.

Future Agenda Items & Business:  no items were listed.

­­­­­­Adjourn:  Calvin Swartz made a motion to adjourn at 8:45 pm.  Damian Prince seconded the motion.  The motion carried 4-0.
Typed:  January 14, 2014                                                     Respectively Submitted
Approved: August 6, 2014                                                    Thomas Short-Secretary/plan commission