Town of Cooks Valley
June 1, 2011

Doug Zwiefelhofer, appointed chairman for this meeting, called the Plan Commission meeting to order at 7:35 pm on Wednesday June 1, 2011 at the Cooks Valley Town Hall [15784 40th Street].  Those present at the meeting were: plan commission members -Doug Zwiefelhofer, Arlene Hintzman, Tom Short, Scott Johnson, and Carol M. Clements.  Others present:  David Clements, Darrel Fehr and David Freeberg. 
            There was discussion of the history of past variance recommendations by the plan commission to the town board. 
Election of Officers:  Arlene Hintzman nominated Doug Zwiefelhofer for chairman.  Scott Johnson seconded the motion.  The nominations were closed.  Doug Zwiefelhofer accepted the position of Chairman of the plan commission.   Carol M. Clements nominated Tom Short for secretary.  Arlene Hintzman seconded the nomination.  Tom Short accepted the position of secretary of the plan commission.
Discussion and possible action of request for variance-David Freeberg:  The 100 foot setback would have placed the proposed building site within the 30 foot minimum from an  adjoining property line with a steep slope that would have needed excessive amount of fill and would possibly wash onto the adjoining property.  Arlene Hintzman made a motion to grant the variance of 63 feet from the centerline of the road for the proposed building site instead the 100 foot setback stated in the Chapter 7 ordinance.   Carol M. Clements seconded the motion.  The motion carried 5-0.  
Review of Preferred Sands Agreement:  Discussion on various possible changes were made to the Preferred Sands Agreement. 
Review of proposed ordinance-Heavy Vehicle Operator’s Permits:  postponed to future plan commission meeting.
Review of Operator’s Permit:  postponed to future plan commission meeting.
Review of Schedule of Fees/Forfeiture:  postponed to future plan commission meeting.


  1. Approval of April 7, 2010 and January 19, 2011, and June 1, 2011 minutes.
  2. Review of proposed ordinance-Heavy Vehicle Operator’s Permits
  3. Review of Operator’s Permit
  4. Review of Schedule of Fees/Forfeiture

            Carol M. Clements made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:05 pm.  Tom Short seconded the motion.   The motion carried 5-0.    


                                                                                                Respectfully Submitted,
                                                                                                Victoria Trinko Town Clerk
Typed:  June 3, 2011
Approved:  August 3, 2011