Town of Cooks Valley
March 4, 2013

Chairman Doug Zwiefelhofer called the Plan Commission meeting to order at 8:02 pm on Wednesday March 4 2013 at the Cooks Valley Town Hall [15784 40th Street].   Plan Commission members in attendance:  Doug Zwiefelhofer, Carole M. Clements, and Thomas Short.
Public Comment:  There was no public comment.
Approval of the plan commission meeting minutes of February 6, 2013:  Thomas Short  made a motion to approve the February 6, 2013 minutes.  Carole M. Clements seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0. 
Discussion and possible action on Resolution of Farmland Preservation Program:    Thomas Short made a motion to recommend Chapter 23 to the town board to sign a resolution of Farmland Preservation Program [with map included].  Carol M. Clements seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0.
Future Agenda Items & Business:  There was none at this time.
Adjourn:  Carol M. Clements made a motion to adjourn at 8:49 pm.  Thomas Short seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0.
Typed:  April 22, 2013                                                          Respectively Submitted
Approved:   April 24, 2013                                                   Thomas Short-Secretary/plan commission