Land Use Changes to The Comprehensive Map

The Plan Commission recognizes that there will be circumstances in the future that will
require some landowners in Cooks Valley to make changes to the land use classification
applied to some or all of their land. It is for this reason that the Planning Commission has
established the following steps landowners must complete in order to make changes to
the comprehensive map:

VALLEY TOWNSHIP form. (These form are available at the town hall or
from any member of the planning commission.)

2. Get on the agenda for the next available Planning Commission meeting.

3. Present your change to the Plan Commission. (At this time there will be some
discussion and possibly some suggestions made by the commission. However,
as long as you choose from one of the four classifications listed below the
decision will be yours.)

4. The Planning Commission will pass the change on to the Town Board.

5. The Town Board will review the reclassification and the clerk will record the
change on the Comprehensive Map.

The land use classitications on the Comprehensive Map are:
1. Yellow is transitional residential 467 feet from the road.
2. Blue is commercial 517 feet from the road.
3. Yellow and Blue is commercial and residential 517 feet from the road.
4. Yellow/Black line is DNR land. (All plain areas remain as they are: farm land,
swamp, forest, etc.)

PLEASE NOTE: Any landowner who wishes to have a commercial business on a
township road may be required to post a bond for the existing road