Town of Cooks Valley

Regular Town Board Meeting

February 21, 2011

Chairman David Clements called the meeting to order on February 21, 2011 at 7:30 pm.   The supervisors present:  Gary Yakesh and John Sykora.   Other officers present were:  Victoria Trinko-Clerk and Eunice Steinmetz-treasurer. See attached list for delegation present.
PUBLIC COMMENT:  There was no public comment.
David Clements made a motion to move item#14 to item#3.  Gary Yakesh seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0.
Discussion and Possible Action on Animal Control Issues:  Calvin Swartz, animal control person, explained his duties, costs and rates of pickups, overnight stays, and mileage expenses.  After 7 nights, Calvin Swartz has been keeping the animals at his own expense until an animal has been reclaimed or a home has been found for the animal.  Representatives from the Town of Howard, Woodmohr, and Tilden were present as David Clements had asked them to attend for discussion of the proposed expenses from the Humane Association and agreements with the County and Humane Association with regards to the control of animals, more specifically dogs and cats.  Ken Schmitt, county supervisor, reported the Humane Association has proposed to the county a $.50 charge per capita and 50% participation from the Towns and then they would accept strays.  If the Humane Association did not receive 50% participation they would not accept strays.  Calvin reported he has taken 1 dog to the Humane Association in the years he has been animal control person and the Association charged him for the drop-off.  He felt the conditions at the Humane Association [prior to the fire] were unacceptable for the care of animals.  There was discussion about the county having laws about dog control, the liability of the county and the townships, the sheriff’s Dept. concurrence for a designated person in the township to refer strays, and the designation of the Humane Association as a legal dog pound.  Due to the passage of the Puppy Mill law, there are more regulations on the size and location of animal control facilities.  The proposal under discussion would involve the participation of at least 4 townships in the control of animals with Calvin Swartz as the designated animal control person for all the townships.  Calvin and his wife [as Sue handles many situations involving animals while Calvin is at work] would take the Animal Control Course taught in Madison in October and become licensed animal control persons.  Gary Yakesh suggested when they had passed the course, the town would reimburse them for their expenses.  Another suggestion the other town representatives would take back to their respective townships was when stray dogs were picked up in their township, they would transport the animal to Calvin Swartz’s residence and be charged $5.00 per night for care of the stray.  Calvin Swartz asked about the care of large animals ie. horses, cows, sheep, and pigs.   There was no consensus on the care of large animals.  Chairman David Clements will call Steve Kubacki, County Administrator, about the Town of Cooks Valley’s future plans to establish a town animal control center.  County Supervisor Ken Schmitt reported the Towns in Chippewa County can request and may receive their portion of the dog license fees paid to the County after payments for dog damages and 5% to the State of Wisconsin have been made.   This refund would be decided by the County Board.  Information concerning Calvin Swartz’s expenses will be mailed by the town clerk to the Town of Howard, Auburn, Woodmohr, and Tilden.  The town board of Cooks Valley thanked the representatives from Howard, Woodmohr, & Tilden, county supervisor Ken Schmitt, and Calvin Swartz for their attendance and input concerning the matter of animal control.
Gary Yakesh made a motion to approve and place on file the minutes of January 10, 2011 regular town board meeting.  John Sykora seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0. 
Approval of the February Financial Report:   Due to overpayment for mileage reimbursement in 2010 of .55 instead of .50 and in 2011 of .55 instead of .51, the following people will need to reimburse the Town of Cooks Valley the following amounts:  Ron Fanetti-$3.35, Gary Yakesh-$3.13, Victoria Trinko-$62.72, Mary Kay Fanetti-$2.40, Calvin Swartz-$1.56, Vernon Steinmetz-$10.00, and Eunice Steinmetz-$39.64.  Due to the change in social security deductions from 6.2% to 4.2% for employees, the following people will receive the additional amounts to their next paycheck:  David Clements-$13.74, Vernon Steinmetz-$5.82, Eunice Steinmetz- $11.34, Victoria Trinko-$16.46, Arlene Hintzman-$.40, Carol M. Clements:$.40 and Doug Zwiefelhofer-$.40.  The town clerk decided not to attend the March WTA district meeting in Eau Claire so no check was issued for the enrollment fee even though a motion to approve such payment was made at the January meeting.   John Sykora made a motion to approve the February financial report.  Gary Yakesh seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0. 
Reading and Approval of the January Bills:  Additional deposits to be made to the checking account are $75.00 for extra polling hours and $15,947.56 in flood aid.  Gary Yakesh made a motion to approve the January bills.  John Sykora seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0.     
Discussion and possible action on budget categories:  No action was required on this agenda item.
Building Permits:  Greg Clements filed a building permit in the Town of Cooks Valley.
Discussion and possible action on building permit refusal-Marie Anderson:   No action was taken on this item.
Discussion and Possible approval of operators licenses:  Gary Yakesh made a motion to accept the operators license applications for Eugene Harnisch, Bryan Wurzer, and Allison Lee.  John Sykora seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0.
Discussion and Possible Action of Plan Commission recommendation:  There was discussion of the CSM presented by Dave Michels.  He is creating a 10 acre parcel to include the buildings and surrounding acreage from the larger 78 acre parcel.  The CSM presented met the conditions established in Chapter 7 Ordinance of Minimum Lot Size for Single and Two Family Residential Houses and Non-Residential Structures for minimum lot size and future resubdividability and other conditions set forth in the ordinance.  Arlene Hintzman made a motion to accept Dave Michel’s certified survey map [CSM].  Carol M. Clements seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0.  John Sykora made a motion to accept the plan commission recommendation.  Gary Yakesh seconded.  The motion carried 3-0. 
Appointment of member to the plan commission:  Gary Yakesh made a motion to postpone this item to the next town board monthly meeting.  John Sykora seconded.  The motion carried 3-0.
Discussion of a complaint concerning the Town Board of Cooks Valley:  On Jan. 24, 2011, two officers from the Dept. of Justice-Division of Criminal Investigation [DCI] appeared at the clerk’s residence representing the District Attorney regarding a complaint made by Dawn LaGesse concerning the procedures the town board is using to conduct the Town of Cooks Valley’s business.  They questioned the town clerk about posting, items placed on an agenda, town meetings, annual meetings, publications, class I and class II notices, and ordinances.  Since that time,  the DCI officer has contacted David Clements-town chairman, Gary Yakesh-supervisor, and John Clements-resident about posting, annual meetings and driveway permits.  After collection of data, the officer will present to data to the District Attorney for a decision. 
Discussion and possible action on mowing of ditches:  Dave Huse proposed to mow the Town of Cooks Valley ditches with an 8 foot first cutting not to exceed-$1500.00 and 16 foot second cutting not to exceed $2500.00 and brushing at $65.00 an hour.  David Clements made the motion to accept the mowing bid of David Huse of an eight foot first cutting not to exceed $1500.00 and a sixteen foot second cutting not to exceed $2500.00.  Gary Yakesh seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0.

Chairman’s Report:

Dissemination of Information: 


ADJOURN:  Gary Yakesh made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:06 pm.  John Sykora seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0

Typed:  February 25, 2011                                                          Respectfully submitted,  
Approved : March 14, 2011                                                       Victoria Trinko, town clerk