July 20, 2022


The Special Town Board meeting of the Town of Cooks Valley was called to order on July 20, 2022 at the Cooks Valley town hall located at 15751 40th Street at 7:02 pm by Chairman Darrel Fehr.  Supervisors present were David Clements and Matt Borofka.  Other town official present was Vicki Freeberg-clerk.   Representative of Quality Construction was also present. See attached list for delegation present.


Public Comment:

Darrel Fehr commented that all towns people were informed and no one called or emailed any opinions on building to either Darrel or Clerk Vicki Freeberg. Funding from Security Bank at 3.25% interest already procured. ARPA funds available in the amount of $87,797.31 another account with funds available $166,541.70 (possible use of $110,000).

Perk test to be done tomorrow (contingent on that turning out OK). Board will budget $20,000 each year for loan payment. Rod Thorson commented that this window of opportunity is ideal for building. Dave Clements did present some figures on possible expenses to be incurred by township: 2-3 years new ambulance, 5-6 years new fire truck needed. Gene Pagel question about size of building, possibly we could build something smaller. Duane Shoebridge also brought up the idea of waiting a few years and trying to save the funds to build new town hall. Darrel asked for a show of hands from public present and all but two electors were in favor of building. 


Darrel Fehr motion to accept Quality Construction bid for $362,700 contingent that perk is conventional system and no need to haul in more dirt/gravel. 


       Roll call vote:

        Darrel Fehr: Yes

        David Clements: No

        Matt Borofka: Yes


Motion made and accepted to build new town hall passed 2-1.



Adjourn:  Darrel Fehr made a motion to adjourn at 8:08 pm.  Matt Borofka seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0.


Typed:  July 27, 2022                                           Respectfully submitted

Approved: August 8, 2022                                   Vicki Freeberg, Clerk-Town