Quorum of the Town of Cooks Valley board

May 12, 2016


The Town of Cooks Valley town board met at the town hall at 10:00 am on May 12, 2016 and drove to 810th Avenue in the Town of Sherman located northwest of Menomonie, which was constructed using a method the town board is considering for 20th Street/Lookout Lane in the Town of Cooks Valley.  The four year old road appeared to be in fair condition.  There were a few areas that needed patching of the chip-seal.  The road consisted of four inches of base coarse bonded together and coated with a double layer of chip-seal. The board agreed this method would be an excellent option for 20th Street/Lookout Lane in the Town of Cooks Valley.  Darrel Fehr took several pictures and David Clements brought back a couple of pieces of the double chip seal for everyone to examine at the next town board meeting.
The board voted to inquire about and purchase ample Base 1 gravel hardener at the best possible price in conjunction with other necessary supplies and help for the 20th Street/Lookout Lane project.


Notes by Matthew Borofka- supervisor of the Town of Cooks Valley


Typed by Victoria Trinko-clerk:  May 14, 2016          Respectfully submitted       
Approved:                                                                     Victoria Trinko -Town Clerk