Special Town Board Meeting
April 20, 2009


         There will be a special board meeting
 [previously posted as the ANNUAL TOWN MEETING] of the town board of the Town of Cooks Valley on Monday, April 20, 2009 at the Howard  Town Hall located at 4052 County Highway B Colfax, WI at 7:30 pm.

This meeting is INFORMATIONAL ONLY and no other business will be transacted by the town board or the electors of the Township of Cooks Valley at the April 20, 2009 meeting.

The town officers and/or legal counsel will attempt to answer any questions that arise during the meeting.  Your attendance is important to understand some of the current issues affecting the Township of Cooks Valley.
Posted at the following locations:
          Trout Creek Tavern
          Cooks Valley Town Hall
          Valley Tavern
          Township Web Page at bloomer.net/~cv1927/