Special Town Board Meeting
April 13, 2017


The Special Town Board meeting of the Town of Cooks Valley was called to order on Thursday April 13, 2017 at the Cooks Valley town hall located at 15751 40th Street at 6:30 pm by Chairman Darrel Fehr.  Supervisors present were David Clements and Matt Borofka.  Other town official present was Victoria Trinko-clerk.

Discussion on road evaluation of 135th Avenue with PurFrac and Dan Fedderly:  Bruce Durand asked Dan Fedderly- what were the results of his testing analysis?
Dan Fedderly gave a background into the calculation of a road’s longevity.  The determination of the longevity of the road depends how much weight is hauled in the truck and the volume of truck traffic.
EOG reconstructed the road with the design of the road for a twenty year longevity and year round traffic. With Preferred Sands, there was a lesser design because 186th Avenue would have bans posted in the spring and not be a year round road. Therefore, there was consideration of the type of truck, the weight of truck, and the volume of traffic.    They also calculated the amount of sand –ESAL [equivalent single axle load] to be hauled to and from the mine.  From a construction standpoint, a company should plan for the expected maximum amount of sand to be hauled instead of expected minimum of sand to be hauled. 
Bruce Durand wanted to know how much longevity of the road is left.  He does not want to do a complete rebuild of the road. 
Based on analysis of the County and Dan Fedderly’s analysis, the EOG and PurFrac mines are very equal on their projections of the amount of sand to be hauled. EOG has used 100,000 ESAL or about 4% of the projected four million ESAL to be hauled from the mine. The estimated longevity of the road is 18 to 181/2 years.  So if both EOG and PurFrac hauled 1.22 million tons with 600 loaded trucks per day, and   PurFrac also has a projected 4 million ESAL capacity; 2 inches of new bituminous asphalt would need to be applied to get 10 year road longevity.  If PurFrac wanted a 20 year longevity to match the projection design of EOG; PurFrac would need to apply a 4 inch overlay.  A four inch overlay would involve the need for more easements, the reconstruction of the intersection of County Highway DD and 135th Avenue, the reconstruction of the intersection of 40th St. and 135th Avenue, the reconstruction of the hill by the cemetery, and the reconstruction of the intersection of 40th Street and State Highway 40.  A four inch overlay would cost an estimated $600-650,000. 
A two inch overly would cost an estimated $400,000. 
Durand-if PurFrac decides to come out on County Highway DD, they will have to do turn outs. They do not want to run the road while it is under construction. PurFrac is talking with EOG, are seeking more funding, and need to work with getting the plant ready.  Now he knows what he has to deal with and many hurdles to complete.  PurFrac has a target date of mid-September to be hauling sand.  They have turned in information to the bank for financial backing.  PurFrac estimates beginning at 30,000 tons a month for a start up figure. 
A timeline for a two inch/four inch overlay and plans for reconstruction will be within 30 days.  The board would prefer an independent contractor with Dan Fedderly overseeing the road work on behalf of the board. 
Dan Fedderly-on 135th Avenue where the culverts are located east of County Highway DD; the road is at the maximum height and if the option is to go higher, that option would compromise the standard of the road. Then an option may be to have a guardrail, which is the least desirable option but would be an alternative if you can’t get right-of-ways. Weather and time are factors affecting the longevity of the road.  The Town of Cooks Valley has to have an assurance on the road before construction of the road.  By assurance, according to Dan Fedderly, means the amount of money to construct the road is in the bank.
Chairman Darrel Fehr-there is a ninety day limit on the completion of the road. agreement.  Bruce Durand says they can hopefully have an agreement within 30-45 days. 
 There was discussion of a possible meeting in 30 days.

Adjourn:  Darrel Fehr made a motion to adjourn at 7:11 pm.  Matt Borofka seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0.

Typed:  April 15, 2017                                       Respectfully submitted
Approved:  May 8, 2017                                     Victoria Trinko -Town Clerk