June 28, 2011

          The Special Town Board meeting of the Town of Cooks Valley was called to order on June 28, 2011 at the Cooks Valley town hall located at 15784 40th Street at 8:00 pm by Chairman Darrel Fehr.  Supervisors present were David Clements and John Sykora.  Other town official present was Victoria Trinko-clerk.  See attached list for delegation present.         
          Public Comment:  Paul McLean-on County Agreement-the route will go west on 186th Avenue to County Highway DD an out of the pit option was finished today, both sides need to execute signing of checks and the contract, a contract is needed with the Town of Cooks Valley due to the county doing maintenance on the road with the changes in the dollar amounts in the contract, there needs to be a study in regards to the 3 ½ inch overlay on County Highway DD and 186th Avenue, checks need to be written, annual ton payment, the contract should be signed early next week, counsels need to look at the contract [comments on truckers not complying with the stipulations-how to police the violations].  Paul McLean asked why are you singling out Preferred Sand when there are 68 other sand mines in the county.  Gary Yakesh asked -aren’t you an industrial sand mine?  Paul McLean answered no we are not.  Gary Yakesh asked-don’t you have to follow the state statutes governing industrial sand mines?  Paul McLean answered --no we do not.  There was discussion of responsibility for repairing the haul road route, the time line of signatures on the contracts, of money remaining when the sand company leaves to maintain or repair the roads, and policing of truckers and placement of the steps for violations in the contract.  Brian O’Connor is the site manager.  Visitors to the sand mine are not allowed past the office shack without authorization and protective gear. 
Discussion and possible action on road haul route agreement:  July 8th, 2011 will be the deadline for contracts to be drawn from the county and the Town of Cooks Valley.  David Clements made a motion to extend the 30 day contract until July 8, 2011 with .10 per ton per mile going into the escrow for maintenance of 186th Avenue and 60th Street, limit 90 trucks per day from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm six days a week, with July 2nd, 3rd, 4th as no haul days.  John Sykora seconded the motion.  Roll call vote:  David Clements-yes, Darrel Fehr-yes, John Sykora-yes.  The motion carried 3-0.
Discussion and possible approval of operators applications:  David Clements made a motion to approve the applications for operators licenses.  Darrel Fehr seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0.
Adjourn:  David Clements made a motion to adjourn at 9:53 pm.  John Sykora seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0.

Typed:  June 29, 2011                               Respectfully submitted
Approved: July 11, 2011                            Victoria Trinko -Town Clerk