March 25, 2014


A special town board meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by Chairman Darrel Fehr at the Cooks Valley Town Hall located at 15751 40th Street.  Officers in attendance:  Darrel Fehr-chairman, David Clements-supervisor, John Sykora-supervisor, and Victoria Trinko-clerk.  
Discussion and possible action of Dr. Crispin Pierce’s proposal on air monitoring and/or other proposals on air conditioning:  Chairman Darrel Fehr contacted the DNR and submitted their questions to Dr. Pierce which he answered by email.  Examples of DNR questions-What existing overall environmental conditions apply?  What kind of sampling and analyzing of data is to be used? What is the exact sampler machine to be used? What kind of filter is used?  What laboratory analysis method will be used?  Dr. Pierce and Preferred Sands did not attend this meeting.  The town board desires the optimum information and participants.  No decisions were able to be made.  Therefore, efforts will be made by Steve Schimmel, representative Chippewa Sands, to contact Dr. Richards [analysis of material] and Darrel Fehr to contact John Stoffel of the DNR, Dr. Pierce and Preferred Sands to attend a reconvened meeting to discuss air monitoring in the Town of Cooks Valley.
Adjourn:  John Sykora made a motion to adjourn the special town board meeting at 8:03 pm.  David Clements seconded the motion.  The motion carried 3-0.

    Typed:  March 26, 2014                                            Respectfully submitted
    Approved:  May 12, 2014                                          Victoria Trinko -Town Clerk