Town 0f Cooks Valley
Est. 1927

Eunice Steinmetz-Treasurer
Victoria Trinko-Clerk
Ron Fanetti-Chairman
Gary Yakesh-Supervisor
David Clements-Supervisor


To All Members Of The Cooks Valley Community:

Please keep the schedule for recycling. We will be open on the circled Tuesdays from 4:00 to 8:00 PM. We will be open from 8:00 AM till noon on the circled Saturdays. Please note that we will not be open on the last Saturday in August and in December.

We intend to keep the mill rate at the same level as last year. As a result, our levy for the township increased by $192.00. The shared revenue that we receive from the State has decreased by nearly $12,000.00 The total budget for the township has decreased by approximately $12,000.00. Services will be tighter. Potholes might be a little deeper before they are patched. Most other levied units of government have increased their budgets and levies-so our taxes will probably be higher in spite of our local actions.
Please keep up the good work with recycling. Be sure to separate the tin and aluminum cans from the remainder of your material. We have a separate outlet for the steel and aluminum. Try to flatten them as we can get more per load that way. Try to flatten or crush the plastic bottles and cardboard as well.

We have been very fortunate with fires in the past year. We need to continue being careful. Please be aware that when we have a fire that the expense of that fire is paid for by your taxes. The last major fire that we had a number of years ago cost our township $10,000.00. Fires are budget breakers. We want to stay away from having burning permits- and fees for them. We have bad success with the policy that the town Chairman or supervisor should be notified before you wish to burn. You should also call the dispatcher at the Bloomer Police Department to let them know the time that you will be burning. Let them know your location- and that you will notify them personally-if there is a problem. There have been problems with people in cars with cell phones calling in any kind of fire. The fire department has to respond if it cannot be verified. Guess who pays for false alarms. YOU DO!! Try not to burn on weekends or holidays because it is more difficult to get firefighters together. Please use some COMMON SENSE next spring. We do not need grass fires.

We have also had some problems with stray cats and dogs this past year. If you own a
dog- keep it on your property. There have also been calls dealing with barking dogs. Shut
them up. You have neighbors. Be courteous to them-even if you were there first. We do not have any ordinances dealing with that at this time.

We have also had problems with cattle that have not been confined properly. They have been on the roads. If they are on the road call the Sheriff so that they can begin to deal with the problem. There is a fine for this as they are a road hazard.

There are also a few fences that encroach road right of ways within the township. Some are so close to the roadway that the simple act of snow plowing will wreck them. We would advise (at this time) that those fences be removed from the right of way as soon as possible.
We would like to blacktop 46th street m the future. It would lessen the traffic on some of the other roads as it could be used as an alternate route. We need to replace some culverts that are located in that road. We need to obtain permits from the EPA and Army Corp of Engineers. That will take time -and money because of the legal aspects. As a result, we may do work on other roads first.

Have a good Holiday season,
Members of the Town Board