Welcome To the Town of Cooks Valley

Cooks Valley Town Hall

Chris Wilger is the DNR person to contact for dust blowing or other factors relating to sand mines for Chippewa County. He can be reached directly at 715-839-1609 or through the DNR-715-839-3700.

Est. 1927

Town Hall Town Board Members Town Planning Commission Members

15751 40th Street
Bloomer WI 54724
Not a Mailing Address
Location Only

Jan Thorson - Treasurer
6386 148th Ave
Bloomer WI 54724
Email cv1927treasure@bloomer.net

Scott Culver

Victoria Freeberg - Clerk
2195 135th Ave
Colfax WI 54730
Phone 715-704-9171
Email cv1927clerk@bloomer.net

Aaron Sarauer
Phone at Town Hall

Darrel Fehr - Chairman
18441 County Hwy DD
Bloomer WI 54724
Email cv1927@bloomer.net

Calvin Swartz
  David Clements - Supervisor Damian Prince
  Matthew P. Borofka - Supervisor John Sykora IV